About Us


As we know, the firearms industry and the 2nd amendment, in general, are under attack. Businesses are being deprived of the ability to process credit cards and even some financial vendors have refused to processes transactions for any businesses that sell firearms, ammunition or related products and services. Don’t worry because you now have a new friend in the Firearms industry.

Firearms Processing, is a pro 2nd amendment merchant service provider and we are dedicated to ensuring that all firearms and gun dealers across the country can still process credit card transactions for the purchase of guns and ammunition. You need to know that your processing partner is there for you for the long haul with innovative thinking and cutting edge products to help grow your business.

Not only are we a direct wholesale processor, but we also guarantee the most competitive pricing on the market. If we cannot save your business money, we will cut you a check for $500. Call us today to start accepting credit cards with Firearms processing.