Credit Card Processing

We support all the major payment types that your business may need. Not only can you take advantage of our competitive discount rates, but you also have access to all of our high risk merchant credit card associations, which include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diner's Club, Wright Express Fleet Card, Voyager Fleet Card, and JCB. Additionally, you get quick and reliable settlement to your financial institution.

High Risk Merchant Account Services

We are committed to providing this industry's best service and giving our clients a competitive edge. That is why we offer our Clients the lowest possible rates in the industry with the very best in service. In todays economy where everyone is looking to save a few bucks, let us provide you with more efficient merchant services products.

We provide a full range of payment Services, Products and Technologies for the firearm, gun, rifle, weapons and ammo industry that meet the diverse needs of the retail and internet online marketplace. Our Account Executives work closely with our Merchants to provide them a payments program customized to their unique requirements. That is why merchants choose US every day and stay with us for the long term.


We level the playing field by offering your business customizable reports, robust inventory management, time and attendance, customizable menu builder, a friendly interactive loyalty program, and much more. The best part? It’s all free. That’s right, FREE! Talk to a representative about our Free Credit Card Terminals and our POS Program.

Cash Advance

Our cash advance program offers our merchants anywhere from $10,000-$1,000,000. We provide businesses with the cash they need in a timely manner and has one of the highest approval rates in industry.

Gift & Loyalty Cards

We offer several Gift Card packages ranging from predesigned cards to custom cards, so it will be easy to find the perfect fit for your business. Use our Gift Cards to issue credits to your customers, provide rebates, and offer employee incentives. You will have access to online tracking and reporting tools 24 hours a day. Loyalty and Rewards programs allow you to offer your customers cards that reward them for doing business with you. Customers are provided with a card used to accumulate cash back, free products and rewards points when shopping at your business. Loyalty Cards are quickly becoming a popular and effective force in marketing due to their ability to drive repeated business to your location. Loyalty and Rewards cards offer a great way to reward your customers for their purchases with incentives to keep them coming back.

Social and mobile media marketing

Communicate to your audience in dynamic new ways with our all-in-one marketing platform and build your brand! In order to thrive in such a fast paced society, you need to be able to connect digitally in order to reach your market audience. Print marketing and mailers are a technique of the past with low success rate, while communication sent out through mobile and social media applications reaches 100% of your audience! We integrate five of the top messaging channels including mobile text, voice broadcasting, social media, email and instant messaging.